You don't need more features to sell more

You need a better product marketing strategy

We are product marketing consultants and executors who partner with B2B tech/SaaS to accelerate revenue and build sustainable, defensible growth with our 30 years proven frameworks.

What are your symptoms?

"Our new product is not taking-off"

"Our new product growth struggles to keep pace after a healthy initial revenue"

"After successful years in the industry, we are struggling to close sales, build pipe and retain customers"

"Year over year, we fail to transition revenue growth to new product"

We accelerate your product's market acceptance while building organizational alignment.

No matter where your *tech* product is in its lifecycle, from initial introduction to late-stage decline, our customer-aligned product marketing strategy will guide you to the best, revenue-producing decisions.

More than product marketing capabilities to achieve your revenue growth goals

"Escape Velocity brings the experience, skills and knowledge to accelerate any innovation growth process. In just one call, Jose clarified our GoToMarket strategy to drive our tech product adoption in the USA market."

David Cano, MBA

CoFounder, Arnaya 

Market Engineering

Understanding the market-category, customer motivations and Technology Adoption phase of your product is the first step to enter new markets or increase penetration rate. We'll help you build a laser-focus product marketing strategy with both quantitative and qualitative market research.

Whole Product Strategy

Creating a breakthrough product is not only about tangible features. The product characteristics to build depend on the Technology Adoption Phase in the market-category you are competing. Our unique whole product management framework will help you create and sustain competitive advantage to increase your market penetration rate.

Leadership + Management

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Achieving escape velocity aligning your business activities with your customer needs starts with an aligned corporate culture and skillful leadership team. Our experience leading senior executive teams will guide your team and advice you on the best decisions to make your growth strategy work.

Go To Market Strategy

A market-leading GoToMarket strategy requires adaptation to the characteristics of your customer's motivations and your market-category infrastructure. Partners, sales, marketing and communications channels, we'll help you build the best approach to reach your customers and grow.

Competitive Positioning

Positioning is one of the keys to optimize both conversions and reduce sales cycles. But not everyone knows how the positioning should evolve as the market-category matures to beat the competition. We'll help you craft a tailored positioning for your customer's motivation in every phase of your product's customer adoption lifecycle.

Fractional Product Marketing Leadership

We put all our capabilities together to work with CEOs, founders, and top leadership teams to architect and build customer-centric products, align them with your market needs, and achieve your revenue goals faster.

Nicely Said

CEOs, founders and market pioneers talk about us

Jose Bermejo is one of the most successful and knowledgeable professionals with whom I have had the pleasure of working for many years. His continuing pursuit of education brings world-class skills to our profession. Jose approaches strategy development in a comprehensive, experience-based manner, which makes it easier for me to refer prospective clients to him.

Warren Schirtzinger

Founder, Author of The Customer Alignment Lifecycle and the "Chasm" high-tech Marketing Frameworks.

Escape Velocity can help take your business to the next level. Amazing talent and people, with broad experience in product development and growth.

Hugo Iñiguez

Strategic Partnerships - Propel VC, BBVA

Jose's business vision and marketing skills, together with his discipline and perseverance, lead him to undertake any challenge with resounding success. I strongly recommend José for business leadership and strategy.

Vanessa Sosa, MBA

General Manager Europe Central, Havaianas 

Jose is a hyper-competent, trained, creative, proactive professional with a strategic vision and orientation towards excellence and ambitious objectives. However, what's most valuable about him: Jose is an excellent person; he is generous, team-oriented, positive and optimistic, kind, and very human.

Hugo De Juan, PhD

CEO & owner, Encamina

Jose has great qualities, among which are his thorough planning abilities, strategic vision and special skills to implement innovative solutions, keeping always focused on real objectives.

Alberto Alegre, MBA

Shareholder & Investor relations Manager, Caixabank

Escape Velocity guided us with valuable advice a new angles for our Go To Market and competitive positioning for our product.

Maria Rojo

CoFounder & CEO, Enthec 

Hi! I'm Jose, the face behind Escape Velocity

Before COVID-19, the world was more predictable. Concepts like product-market fit and MVP would potentially help you build a company. But now customers are much more cautious. And every part of your company must be in step with this new environment. Today a more complete market strategy is required...and not everyone knows how to do that.

Today's most critical task is building a high-performance business that is fully aligned with the ever-changing needs of your customers to re-ignite revenue and build sustainable growth.

I can help.

After doing it naturally during the last 6 years for my employers, startups and mentees, both in the USA and Europe markets, I've created Escape Velocity strategy consulting firm to help tech-based business dominate their markets. I've partnered with one of the most prolific market pioneers in Silicon Valley and co-creator of The Chasm framework, Warren Schirtzinger, to use his 30 years proven growth strategy framework based on "The Diffusion of Innovations": The Customer Alignment Lifecycle. A tool and method of delivering a success rate that is 68% higher than the industry average to help succeed your products and ignite your revenue.

I bring management and innovation strategy training in top business schools, experience creating a new realtech B2C market-category, expertise with a 13-year career in the B2B high-tech industry, the last six years working with CEOs and Top Leadership Teams in market strategy, sales and business development leadership, accelerating revenue growth in the USA and Europe.

Jose Bermejo, MBA

Fractional Product Marketing Leader, Escape Velocity Founder

Trained by Top Business Schools and Market Leaders

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