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We put Technology Adoption Lifecycle by Everett Rogers into practice to help technology-based businesses and products succeed in both new and established markets. Born in Silicon Valley, our strategy method is based on the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™ by Warren Schirtzinger, the co-creator of "The Chasm" framework.




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Identify Or Create Your Market Category

Are you competing in an existing market category, or are you creating a new one? Is your product a continuous innovation, or is it a discontinuous innovation that needs user education and change management? What is the Technology Adoption Phase of your market-category?

Each phase of the market has different psychographic characteristics and looks for different outcomes when they buy technology. We need to know where in the adoption curve is your product.

We'll assess your business, your product, your customers' jobs-to-be-done, pains, and outcomes, as well as the market-category stage in which you are competing to understand the technology adoption phase as the very first step to build a solid growth strategy.

Identify And Prioritize Your Customer Segments

Many businesses lose traction because they fail to segment the customers and understand how to serve their different needs according to the adoption phase. Sometimes managers think that they need to invest in tactical marketing and content strategy to ignite revenue growth. But that investment might be worthless if your business is not aligned with your customer's needs, depending on the Technology Adoption Phase.

We will formulate your customer alignment strategy at the intersection of the customer segment and market category, understanding the psychographic characteristics according to our Customer Alignment Lifecycle Framework. This will ensure we base our decisions on your customer needs to increase your product's adoption and drive revenue growth.

(*) Our whole product strategy is based on the Low Risk Receipe framework by Warren Schirtzinger.

Define Your Whole Product Offering

Most of the time, we believe that building more or better tangible features will help our products grow faster. That might be true for initial traction in new market categories, as innovators and early-adopters care about technology and product. However, the secret of crossing "The Chasm" and competing in the mainstream market, creating a market-leading product, is to reduce the risk perception for your customers by adding other services and intangibles to your offering, instead of core product features. Here is where we play a key role for your business.

We'll create a whole product offering aligned with your target audience's ever-changing motivational characteristics to reduce the risk perception, stand-out from your competition and dominate your market.

Formulate Your Unique Customer Alignment Strategy

Creating a whole product with a low-risk perception is just the beginning of a winning business strategy. Depending on your customers' needs for the market-category and technology adoption phase you're in, we'll need to align other business disciplines.

Things that we'll reformulate in this business architecture phase are: re-energize positive word-of-mouth communications, update your Go-To-Market strategy, including partnerships, sales, and marketing alignment, fine-tune your competitive positioning, and assess your top leadership team. We'll reshape your company's activities to create a high-performance customer-centric business.

Set Metrics, Create Strategic Initiatives, Measure And Track Results

After your alignment strategy is ready, we'll translate it to Objectives and Key Results to make it easy for your Top Leadership team to follow and execute.

We'll set-up an ongoing support service, following-up in weekly or bi-weekly meetings to stay accountable, measure the progress, and problem-solve with your leadership team the issues we find on the way. If needed, we'll coach your team and/or help you make the best decisions to make your alignment strategy work.

If you want us to execute one or more of the strategic initiatives formulated to ignite your revenue, we'll be there to help.

Once we optimize your business, growth tactics investments will have higher ROI.

Discover and Expand To Adjacent Segments

After we achieve our growth goal in the prioritized customer segments, your business will be ready to expand and grow in new adjacent market segments. 

We'll help you find the best new growth opportunities and adjust the customer alignment strategy to build sustainable revenue growth.

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