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We understand that your company has to select the best market opportunities, re-ignite struggling products, demonstrate credible differentiation, win in new and emerging markets, protect itself from disruption, compete effectively and more. 

Market Assessment

We put Jobs-To-Be-Done theory by Tony Ulwick and Customer Alignment Lifecycle by Warren Schirtzinger, an evolution of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, into practice to make innovation predictable.

We'll interview potential users of your product and members of your market segment infrastructure to provide you with objective information about their understanding, perspectives, biases, needs for information, and their sense of what is required for you to align your business + product and develop a focused growth strategy.

Customer Needs Map
Business Strengths
Market-Category + Priority Segment Definition
Technology Adoption Phase Definition
Growth Strategy Recommendations

Infrastructure Identification + GoToMarket Strategy

Every market-segment has a player infrastructure between your product and the customer. 10% of the market players in the infrastructure influence the other 90%. Understanding the market infrastructure forces and the top 10% influencers is critical to increasing Word-Of-Mouth to diffuse your innovation and grow.

We'll define your segment marketing infrastructure, refresh your communication strategy and your GoToMarket system. Our goal is to build familiar distribution channels for your customers, shape your sales + marketing activities to stay aligned with your product's Decision-Making Unit and invigorate the Word-Of-Mouth communications to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase growth opportunities, and reduce sales cycles.

Segment Infrastructure Map
Priority Segment Definition
GoToMarket Strategy Plan
Communications Plan

Marketing Infrastructure Framework

Product Innovation Partner

(*) Our whole product strategy is based on the Low Risk Receipe framework by Warren Schirtzinger.

The total or "whole" product concept has been largely refined since 1983, when Theodore Levitt introduced it. As products move through the technology-adoption process, intangibles assume more importance. Often, pioneering new products lose their initial prominence because a new entrant is more successful in product positioning based on a more effective mix of intangibles, even if the second product is not technically superior.

We will apply the Low Risk Recipeā„¢ by Warren Schirtzinger, the latest of the "whole" product refinements, as a framework to understanding what your customer needs depending on the technology-adoption stage of your innovation. It will guide us to build a differentiated offering to attract more customers and beat your competition.

Research + Product Differentiation Plan
Fractional "Whole" Product Management

Fractional Business Architect

As fractional leaders, we'll work with you and your top leadership team to advise and counsel how to align your business to the customer's needs within the four alignment pillars: product offering, GoToMarket (sales+marketing), competitive positioning, and leadership skills.

We believe that the skills and experience we've gained working with top leadership teams to align their business disciplines may be of assistance to help your team build a high-performing business.

Whether you are the new kid in the block and are struggling to "Cross The Chasm", or you are an established business in need of a turnaround, business alignment, or transformation, will help you achieve your growth goals.

Customer-Aligned Business

Growth Strategy Development

The sweetspot of our consulting services!

All our services delivered in a methodic way to develop and operationalize your unique winning strategy, dominate your market and ignite your revenue.

Velocity Advisory

Our fresh way to help CEOs and founders succeed with your innovations with a high-value, low-cost, productized service.

We'll start with a micro-assessment to understand your market-alignment and strengths. After the assessment, we'll deliver high-level advice to help you achieve escape velocity and will set-up a two-hour bi-weekly call to problem-solve your issues as them arise. During our calls, we'll coach you in all the disciplines we serve: product offering, GoToMarket, competitive positioning, communications, product launch and leadership.

Micro-assessment results
Gowth strategy recommendations
2x2 hours Advice + Coach sessions / month

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